Snowflex Frequently Asked Questions

Does Snowflex® require special equipment?
No. Slope users are free to use the same equipment currently used in alpine environments.
Does Snowflex® cause undue wear to skis and boards?
All synthetic materials will wear equipment more than snow, but Snowflex® is much friendlier than other materials. Skis & snowboards will do many more runs on Snowflex before attention is needed.
What happens to the BritonMist system if there has been a heavy frost or snow?
The BritonMist system (as part of the Snowflex® system) is insulated against frost, snow and ice by the integral shock absorption layer to help prevent pipes bursting. The BritonMist system is also installed in such a manner that surplus water in pipes can be drained down into the water tank at the end of everyday if need be, again reducing the potential for this happening.
Can you ski or snowboard on Snowflex® if it is covered with frost?
Should frost or ice form on a Snowflex® slope then this should not prove to be a problem for snowsporters using the slope.
Can you ski or snowboard on Snowflex® if it is covered with snow?
Yes. Snowflex® can be used on slopes that experience snowfall or frosts in wintertime without any detrimental effect. Skiers and snowboarders are able to use the slope as normal in such conditions.
Is Snowflex® safe to the environment?
Yes. Snowflex® is inert when installed.
Can Snowflex® be installed and used in hot climates?
Yes. We have tested Snowflex® in the Middle East and have installed a Snowflex® slope in the Lebanon.
Can we use slalom poles on Snowflex®?
Yes. See the features section.
Can we have demarcation lines in Snowflex®?
Yes. On a white slope we would use green Snowflex® and on a green slope we would use normal white Snowflex®.
Why does it edge any better than any other material?
Because it uses a strong, round section, extruded monofilament, which has even distribution of the pile along the ski edge. It is dynamic and progressive, designed to be slippy at low edge set (like snow), but then biting harder as more force/angle is applied.
Why has Snowflex® a reputation for being faster than any other materials?
Snowflex® is manufactured from an extruded monofilament fibre to unprecedented exacting standards. In a continuous surface format the weight is spread over the full base of the ski / snowboard. Snowflex® also has an integral misting system to lubricate the surface and an open pile which will not trap dirt causing the slope to dry and slow down.