All About Snowflex®

Skiing and snowboarding are arguably the most marketable activities there are today. With the advent of Snowflex® it is now possible to bring the “mountain to the people”. That said, it would be unwise to suggest that Snowflex® offers an Alpine mountain experience. However, importantly, Snowflex® offers a unique chance for people to develop their skills in a safe, very accessible location, 365 days of the year. The compact area and availability gives an intensity of the activity not possible with the mountain resort and leads to rapid skill development which is the hook of the business.

Snowflex® is a high performance polymer composite system, the first that has been designed and manufactured purely to ski and snowboard upon.

It is not a by-product from another industry and was invented from a “first principles” and “what do customers want?” viewpoint. This meant that the whole process, including the manufacturing, had to be developed on a clean sheet of paper basis. Snowflex® won two awards from the British Department of Trade and Industry.

Snowflex® has been recognized as one of the most exciting innovations in the snow sports market and is a real, credible alternative to snow. It is low maintenance, requires no grooming and is softer to fall on than hard packed snow.  

Snowflex is a registered trademark owned by Briton Engineering Developments LTD.  

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